Friday, May 18, 2007

Here are updated versions of previous post, and a new one.
These were my personal pieces for the "God of War " show.
If you want prints of any of them you can get them at Gallery Nucleus.
I would also like to give a big thank you to everyone who came to the show,
it was a great turnout and a great time for myself and the rest of the guys.


John Wu said...

I love the Biplane painting! You've captured the mood very well.

Jackson Sze said...

Oops.. so you did update your blog.. my bad.. haha

RLS said...

Nice! The biplane and Conquistador paintings are particularly fantastic.

Donald Yatomi said...

man, u are good. love the M551, it was worth the wait. all ya'll in santa monica are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Love the plane painting!


Randy Bantog said...

I saw these at the show and was very impressed by your work and everyone else's. great stuff.

Scott said...

Hey John,
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. It had a good time doing it.
Always good to hear from you.
Glad you like the pieces.
Happy I didn't disappoint you. I hope to meet you one day, so we can talk about Tanks and stuff.
Thanks Jim,
A late Happy Birthday gift will be on its way.
Thank you for the compliment.