Saturday, October 6, 2007

I did this about three weeks ago. Katelin was doing her Advanced Open Water dives, so I had nothing to do but try and do a quick painting while she was diving. This was done while she was doing her deep dive. For her age she was able to go down to 60 feet. Pretty cool!
I knew I only had a short time on this one plus the wind was blowing around so it was a little difficult to get it done. I did go back into it a little more later. This is at a dive site on Catalina Island.


Homie Bear said...

It's beautiful! Are you a diver too?

Seeto said...

Homie Bear-
Wow that was fast. I just put this up. I am a diver also but after all these years I only hold a Open Water certification.
Glad you like the painting.

Homie Bear said...

Yeah- I was running Blogger play and your beautiful painting caught my eye. I got my advanced open water a few years ago in Malaysia but live in a pretty landlocked place so haven't really been able to pursue it as much as I would like.

Izzy Medrano said...

Congrats to the daughter! That's great. Like the painting too, bro. That wash leading from the left into brush strokes looks sweet. are you doing a wash first, blocking it in?

Scott said...

Homie Bear-
Malaysia. Thats must have been cool.
Hey Izzy-
Thanks for the compliment on the painting and thank you from my daughter.
Yeah, thats pretty much how it was done. Nothing fancy. I had a short time to get this painting done, plus the wind was blowing my page around a bit.
Hows Sony treating you?


painting rockcliff while your daughter is divin.. sounds like a fun time!!

Just checkin up on you.